Hey, I’m Dried Pan (Homemade). I’m the Most famous Paan in Category of Homemade. People loves me the way I’m , Try Me Once , you will fall in love with me.


Benefits :-

  • Rich in Aromatic flavours.
  • Dried Paan Leaves are used to make it The Best Paan.
  • Freshens up your mood.
  • Have burst full taste of Paan in every chew of it.
  • It Reduces Medha Dhatu (Body fat) and increases the metabolic rate of body.
  • It prevents from carcinogens that leads to cancer.
  • Have aromatic flavours in each chew of it.
  • It Promotes digestive health.
  • It helps to prevent headache.
  • Treats Gastritis.
  • Remedies respiratory ailments.
  • Controls blood pressure.
  • Have ambrosial fragnance in each breath.

Ingredients:   Dried Paan Leaves , Saunf , Mulethi ,  Rose Petals , Aromatic Spices & Sugar , Menthol , Flavours.

Best Before 12 MONTHS from Date Of Packaging.