Hey, I’m  Luchha Supari All the way from Assam. I’m originated from ARECA. ‘Areca is a plant’. On that plant there is a nut which is known as Arecanut (Supari). People of Assam loves me the way I’m , Try Me Once , you will fall in love with me.

Benefits :-

  • Rich in Aromatic flavours.
  • Freshens up your mood.
  • Have burst full taste of Supari in every chew of it.
  • Have aromatic flavours in each chew of it.
  • Boosts your mind.
  • Speeds up your central nervous system.
  • Have ambrosial fragnance in each breath.

Caution : Regular Chewing of Supari is injurious to health.

Ingredients:   Luchha (sliced) Supari , Rose Petals , Aromatic Spices & Sugar , Menthol , Flavours.

Best Before 12 MONTHS from Date Of Packaging.