Hey, I’m Moth Wadi. I’m a great meal. I’m the most famous Wadi in Rajasthan. People of Rajasthan loves me the way I’m , Try Me Once, you will fall in love with me.

For making me:-

  1. Shallow fry or Toss me or Roast me on a non stick pan for 5-10 minutes till I become brownish in colour.
  2. Then, On the otherside prepare a curry with all vegetables , spices or curd / yogurt.
  3. Then add me (wadi) in curry.
  4. Cook the curry for 10-15 minutes with Wadi in it.
  5.   Sprinkle some corriander leaves on curry and your Moth wadi Sabji is ready.



  • A quintessentially Rajasthani Moth Wadi made with Moth Daal.
  • Its very light on the gut since Moth Daal is very light out of all other daals.
  • Unfortunately today it’s considered to be unhealthy because of the way its made commercially with cheaper ingredients. If eaten when prepared the right way, in the right quantity it has many nutritional benefits.
  • Our Wadi are made with premium ingredients and spices using artisanal techniques our ancestors had used. These are not mass-produced, factory-made Wadi. Ours are hand made, sun-dried which is evident from the fact that they may slightly vary in size.
  • Its mildly spiced with black pepper just like our Grandma’s used to make.
  • Taste- Savoury

Well-Known As :-

  • Moth Daal wadi ki Sabji.
  • Anytime Meal.
  • Great Appetizer.

Ingredients:  Moth Daal , Salt , Red Chili & other ground spices.

Best Before 4 MONTHS from Date Of Packaging.