Hey, I’m Gol Gappe / Panipuri. I help for digestion. I’m a great meal snack. I’m most famous snack of India ,

For making me you can deep fry me for  30-60 seconds or keep me in microwave for 20-50 seconds or you can also Air fry me for 2-3 minutes I’m the most famous fryum in South India. People of South India loves me the way I’m , Try Me Once, you will fall in love with me.



Q. What is Raja Gol Gappe / Panipuri ?

~ A Pallete which is made up of wheat flour , tapioca starch , maize starch , rice flour , corn flour. A waterball which gives you burstfull experience of Chatpata / Spicy Water / paani and some vegetables.

# Experience the India’s Most Lovable appetizer.

Q. How do you Cook ?

~ MIcrowave

Place Raja Gol Gappe seperately on microwave dish till 30-40 seconds or till it become light brownish in colour.

~ Air Fryer

Place Raja Gol Gappe seperately in Air Fryer on 180°C – 200°C till 20-30 seconds (after Pre-Heat)

~ Fry

Deep Fry Raja Gol Gappe till 8-12 Seconds on Full flame.

Q. How to Prepare Raja Chatpati Chatni ?

Boil the 500ml of Water and add 50gm Packet of Raja Chapati Chatni in it. Boil till 10-15 minutes till chatni becomes half of amount of water added before.

Q. How to Prepare Raja Chatpata Pani ?

Add 100gm of Packet in 1 Ltr of water. Add 1 medium sized lemon and mint / pudhina leaves in it.

Well-Known As :-

  • Gol Gappe , Panipuri , Pakodi , Padaka , Gup Chup , Pani ke Patashe
  • Dinner time Snack
  • Lunch time Snack
  • Great Appetizer & Digestives.
  • Taste- Savoury

# Roasted or Grilled Gol Gappe helps to absorb the fatty material from mouth & throat when consumed at the time or end of meal.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour , Tapioca Starch , Maize Starch , Rice Flour , Corn Flour

Best Before 4 MONTHS from Date Of Packaging.