Hey, I’m Mango Chunda / Aam Ka Chhunda / Mango Lachha. I help for digestion. I’m full of good bacteria called Probiotics which are important for Gut health. I CURB sugar spikes. I’m full of Multivitamins because of rich ingredients. All the way from Rajasthan. People of Rajasthan loves me the way I’m , Try Me Once , you will fall in love with me.

Benefits :-

  • Full of good bacteria.
  • May ease muscle cramps.
  • Curb sugar spikes.
  • Fights diseases.
  • Full of Multivitamins.
  • Keeps your Gut healthy.
  • Reminising about your Childhood Memories.



Ingredients : This one can easily be known as the King of Indian (Rajasthani) Chuteny. Traditionally made by Grandma’s all across India for centuries. We have make this with a North Indian Heirloom recipe using succulent Fresh Raw mangos pieces which are hand cut and diced, sun-dried and then pickled to perfection using a plethora of spices like Fennel-Saunf, kabuli Hing-Asafoetida, Fenugreek-Methi, Red chilli powder and cold pressed mustard oil.

  • This is a grated Raw mango relish. Raw Mango slivers are steeped in a host of aromatic spices like cardamon making this sweet and tangy delicacy. Traditionally it is also known as Chhunda. Its a hot favourite with the Children.
  • This sweet, tangy and flavourful relish goes very well with Indian foods like Parantha, Daal Chaawal etc and also on a Cheese platter complimenting the savory cheeses.
  • Oil-free
  • To Taste – Sweet

Best Before 12 MONTHS from Date Of Packaging.